What is Hatching in drawing? How to sketch with a pencil . scratching

 What is Hatching in drawing? How to sketch with a pencil

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  Hatching or hatching in drawing as an artistic semantic definition. The meaning of the two words is parallel or interrupted lines used to indicate models of objects, shading, or brush strokes in paintings, or half-colors on engraving. This was the precise definition of formal hatching, but the uses and methods of implementation may carry much more than that, as It has different meanings depending on the type of drawing executed

Where is the official hashish used?

Fragmentation was often used in graphic representations, meaning, for example, when it was used in architectural engineering drawing, it had several meanings, including the parts that must be preserved or deleted, and according to the way the lines are executed, the meaning consists of them. If they are parallel and there are large spaces between them, then they are ready to be removed, and vice versa, and this applies to many things. Types of drawings, such as topographical drawings, diagrams, demographic data, and many others. Among the ancient uses, they were used in crafts such as mining, making gold, etc., and these drawings show the empty places, the places of the edges...

The meaning of scratching in drawing:

Scratching in drawing is the technique of using lines as a method of shading and creating the concept of light by means of a lack of lines or space in what is called contrast, which is the amount of parallel lines, their thickness, and the spacing between them determines the shading or light. For example, the more lines are many and close together, the darker the drawing, while if they are The shape of light is few and far between, which is the basic rule of shahsir

 Scratching in drawing was ancient and limited to its implementation in artists' diaries, where it was a method of creating a preliminary design for a drawing rather than a drawing. This is more noticeable in Van Gogh's drawings in his diaries, a method that determines the locations of shadows and quick-moving light and identifies formal ideas. There were paintings that may appear to be the beginning. The style was found to be old, but they were drawings that were for the initial idea or sketches for the drawing, and scribbling meant where the colors were located, for example, scribbling with parallel, spaced lines in place of red, and so on, while today it is the most famous style executed with a pencil, and it is even the most requested in drawing portraits, especially in the West.

Painters wanted to move away from classical drawing, so they turned to creating new methods, including scribbling. This began in the Middle Ages until its artistic uses did not receive admiration or approval, so it was used more in the printing and wood engraving industries, while painters in our time took the same idea and succeeded, whether in calligraphic media. Or color media such as paintings

What distinguishes tashir is that it has a wide range of ways of use and application. Artists differ in length, angle, closeness, width of lines, and other calligraphic characteristics, and each one is unique in its vision and method of display. Thus, there are many artists who have chosen parallel lobby lines for their drawings, and creativity in tashir does not stop, and it is today in The best stages of his development, especially since he moved to artistic paintings and mixed them with several types of arts, such as pop art and others.

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