What are the best charcoal pencils? The best brands of charcoal pencils, their types and features

 What are the best charcoal pencils? The best brands of charcoal pencils, their types and features

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   Experimenting with charcoal rods is one of the most messy tools. It often leads to dirty hands and surroundings, and even if it is not extreme, it may cause the drawing surface of the paper to become dirty. Despite this, charcoal is one of the most beloved tools for artists, and it is also the tool most mixed with lead because of the darkness of the black color and Most charcoal pens, like other pens, have a wooden casing that carries pieces of charcoal inside, which facilitates the process of handling, twisting, or controlling and creating more details. It is also less expensive and can be purchased individually. It also provides all types of charcoal, whether soft or hard. We have allocated Previous articles on

. winsor & newton studio collection charcoal (set of 6 p): In general, Winsor is one of the largest companies for drawing tools. These six pencils are intended for anyone who wants to use charcoal pencils, whether you are a professional or a beginner. There are soft pencils, one hard pencil, and two in the box. the middle

. General's Classic Charcoal Set: If you are a beginner in using charcoal and are looking for a box that provides all the basic things for drawing, then this box is for you. It contains eight soft, hard, and black charcoal pencils, two white charcoal pencils, a carbon pencil, and ten compressed charcoal sticks. And two sticks of compressed charcoal, and the price is reasonable compared to average charcoal

. prang wrap charcoal pencils: It is one of the unique pens of its kind because of its different and innovative design. Instead of wrapping the charcoal in wood, then wrapping it here in paper to reveal more of it. All you have to do is pull the thread from the head. It is more suitable for those who love charcoal fingers but have difficulty using them. The pen allows you to expose them. A large portion of coal

. Derwent Charcoal: If you are looking for something professional, this box offers a wonderful color material and excellent pens. The latter is available in both a white pen and three black pens - light, medium and dark. They are among the pens that most produce charcoal tones and gradients, which makes them excellent for portrait drawings.

. Cretacolor Noir: Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the luxury of Cretacolor charcoal satisfies both parties. It is easy to handle and an excellent coloring material. Inside the box there is a hard charcoal pencil, a soft charcoal pencil, a medium charcoal pencil, a medium Nero oil charcoal pencil, an ultra-soft Nero oil pencil, and a black pencil. And compressed charcoal fingers

. Wolff Carbon Pencil: If you are still confused about using charcoal, this company offers you carbon pencils. These are pencils mixed between charcoal and lead to get a medium degree between them. They are excellent for all types of drawings. They also save you from having to use a lot of tools. If you are a fan of mixing the two materials, the pencils are excellent if you are. You would like to try something new, and it is also excellent if you want to gain experience in dealing with charcoal pens, even if they are simple. The pens contain graduations like the graduations of pencils, and you can treat them as ordinary pens.

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