What are the best oil colors? Oil colors for professionals and beginners, characteristics of oil colors

 What are the best oil colors? Oil colors for professionals and beginners, characteristics of oil colors

- introduction :

Oil colors are considered the most perfect colors in drawing and one of the best materials. They are also the oldest and most famous colors used. In a strange paradox, the most famous paintings in the world and many of them are then executed in oil colors. This is due to its advantage, including its ability to cover the surface, that is, it is slowly opaque. Drying gives the artist plenty of time to create effects, combine colors and apply color gradients. It is also the closest color to realistic colors and gives more realism, especially for portraits.

Oil colors are dry powdered pigments, or so-called color powders, which are then mixed with linseed oil to form a paste which is then poured into bottles, capsules or other things. .. The quality of the colors depends on the characteristics of its pasty state, because it meets specific criteria, including smoothness, consistency and butteriness, that is to say it is neither stringy nor long. It is used with colors as a support to facilitate their use and give them more malleability, more adhesion to the surface. and faster drying, like turpentine.

Colors have specific tools, including brushes. There are special brushes for the oily medium, often rough and in different sizes. Among the strongest drawing brushes are those made from animal hair, whether from a weasel or a pig, but they are still useless. due to the quality achieved by synthetic or synthetic brushes. Can be used with drawing knives,

Oil colors are used on the surface of the canvas, which is a pure European linen fabric. It is cut out then prepared on a wooden frame by stretching it and securing it with pins. Then this fabric is prepared by closing its pores with gesso. or white lead, which is a white material that creates a preliminary layer of coloring, which preserves the colors and does not allow them to flow.

The main thing to consider when choosing oil paint is the components. If you want something professional, you will find that the materials are made either from pure pigments, meaning they are professional and high quality, or artificial dyes, meaning they are low quality, or it shows in the drying time, the longer it takes. The more, the better. For information, a complete oil painting takes between 3 months and more for all layers. to dry.

The best oil colors:

. WILLIAMSBURG: One of the most professional and highest quality oil paints that allows you to clearly see the stroke executed and blend perfectly. What prevents it from becoming widespread is its high price due to its professional designation, which amounts to 39 US dollars.

. Schmincke Mussini: The most famous and cheapest option is characterized by different combinations, each with characteristics such as transparent and opaque, but it remains one of the best possible materials, but its problem is cracks over time .

. Old Holland: If you are looking for something a little cheaper and with excellent, professional materials, then this is for you. You won't be able to do without something professional. Colors are saturated and bright, thick and solid. It also uses pigments ground from stone, which makes the colors professional and unique from others.

Despite this, these oil colors were expensive and not suitable for everyone or anyone. They require an experienced person capable of using them effectively. On the other hand, there are guys you can train with, why not. create beautiful paintings with them.

. Winsor & Newton Oil Color: One of the best-known and best-selling brands in the world. Its price is not small, but compared to the above there is a difference that distinguishes it from its ease of use and experimentation, which makes it excellent for beginners. In addition, its material is close professional colors, which allows it to be completed and adopted if it becomes one.

. Texture and Consistency: If you are a beginner and looking for something easy to mix, manipulate and implement, then this is the best thing you can use and is one of the simplest types to use .

There are several other types that haven't been mentioned, you can look them up, like Vangogh - Arteza - Gamblin 1980 - Maimeri - Blockx. These are all great brands, but each brand can be great if it's your first experience.

     Finally, oil paintings need something to preserve them, and here you can buy putty or use varnish, which I talked about in a previous article (the best types of varnish).

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