Minimalist art, its definition and meaning, the minimalism movement, what is minimalist art? art of minimalism

 Minimalist art, its definition and meaning, the minimalism movement, what is minimalist art? art of minimalism

What is simple art?

Minimalism art is one of the art movements that became famous in the 1960s. It first appeared in New York by a group of young religious people who were trying to stay away from difficult art movements. The movement that most influenced minimalism was the European abstract movement. One of the most important characteristics of minimalism art is the simplicity of the final image. For artistic work, use simple shapes that the recipient can understand quickly without gestures or difficult artistic subjects.

What is simplification in general?

Minimalism has nothing to do with art alone, but extends beyond to include all areas. It is one of the styles or lifestyles adopted by many people. Its goal is to simplify life, get rid of everything that is unnecessary and get rid of everything that is commercial or of little importance. On human life, for example, clothing. Instead of buying clothes from big brands, simplicity fans buy their clothes from small businesses. They are also simple, whether in coloring or execution. They are often uniform in color, and for good reason, which is to take the mind off thinking and planning about tomorrow's clothing. Uniform clothing is consistent and not It requires a lot of thought about its suitability, and here the simplification of clothing is a material thing, and thinking is a psychological thing. The same can be applied to all types of human life, including the foundations of simplification: getting rid of the excesses we need, focusing on what we have and enjoying it better, being content with a life of simplicity.

Minimalism in art:

The idea of minimalism in art is to create a painting that shows features in a simple way. One of the most famous paintings in which minimalism was exhausted is the blue sponge painting by painter Yves Klein. It is a uniform paint in blue color. It is one of the paints using a unified color within a group of paints and is one of the best-selling paints. The blue paint sold for $4,720,000. You may wonder why single color paints are sold for such a huge price. In fact, there is something strong that makes this painting at this price, but the idea is simplicity and non-conformism, that it does not appear as something other than what it is, therefore the painting is a color. is unified and has no other meaning. It is simple in implementation, but complex as an idea or more in-depth as a method

Minimalism is the strangest movement in which it is difficult to adhere to absolute concepts. What is simple for one person may be complex for another, and vice versa. Minimalism has had the greatest influence on induction and geometry in the past, and now it is widely used in poster design and digital drawing in general.

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