Art and science, what is the difference between art and science? Definition of art and science, the difference between them and what they have in common

Art and science, what is the difference between art and science? Definition of art and science, the difference between them and what they have in common

presentation :

         In the past, art and science were two sides of the same process. This is evident during the greatest transitional stages of human life, whether the Renaissance or the great periods of the Enlightenment. The connection between the two was clear, and each of them was attributed to the other. Perhaps the best representation of both that man has ever had is that which was collected by Leonardo da Vinci. As a distinguished scientist and one of the best painters of all time, Da Vinci's drawings were blended with the science of proportions based on precise mathematics. We also don't forget his many inventions. During this period, art and science were beacons of development and progress.

        After the movement, a group of philosophers disagreed on several questions, which are: Does the progress of science lead to the development of art? Or do expression and art lead to scientific experiments?

The concept of art and science:

        To understand this, we must first explain the concept of both. Art is the product of expression with motives such as aesthetics or creating a manifestation of the artist's expression, while science is an attempt to explore reality and an attempt to finding facts that can then be supported by studies and an attempt to turn them into facts. In short, art is an attempt to understand consciousness and offer something exciting and aesthetic. As for science, it is an attempt to understand the external reality and the truth of things. The puzzling question remains: can a work of art be a work of science or vice versa?

       There are many differences between science and art, including that art seeks what is spiritual and emotional, while science seeks what is rational and realistic. Art can be imaginary and unreal, while science is realistic and tries to understand the truth, and even though it is noticeable, these differences are the most common thing between the two, so understanding the real world is related to the science, and understanding life is linked to art, and they both work for a higher goal, which is human development and human evolution. Just as mind and spirit cannot be separated, art and science cannot be separated, and their development relies on the development of each of them.

      The greatest proof of this is art therapy which attempts to teach science to treat psychological illnesses. Art is the birthplace, whether through drawing, dance or other things, to learn the importance of art to the human psyche. , science is what gave me the influence of art on the human psyche. Despite the many differences between them, they create... There are always connections between them that work to try to better understand the universe. Therefore, our reality and our society needs art and science to develop together.

    In most previous civilizations, whether Islamic, Pharaonic or otherwise, it cannot be denied that science and art are intertwined. All historical monuments bear witness to this. Like the pyramids, no one denies that they are one of the most complex and extensive works of engineering. built by man, but greater importance is given to aesthetics, creativity and designs. Whether in the expression, the originality of the messages or the art, it is the same in proportion to all the wonders of past centuries, which all have the same characteristics, which is the combination of science and 'art.

Drawing Tools: Without science, we wouldn't have a large collection of paints, markers, and many tools. Today, scientifically, to be able to produce specific art, you have to use tools given to you by scientists. in laboratories, then study the desires and needs of artists to develop the best tools.

     There are many religious artists who knew how to combine art and science, especially Leonardo da Vinci, whose paintings are still studied today using the most complex mathematical machines, and I am always surprised by the capacity of this artist to reach extreme dimensions. a precision that keeps pace with the latest machines of our time.

     Historically, artistically, scientifically and humanly, art and science cannot be separated, and what we see in our lives today, an attempt at separation on the part of evolution and machines, will be a decline for man and for our understanding of the universe and life in general. This is what we are seeing from a major decline in art and the absence of any creativity in anything new until... The situation has reached the point where science is trying to extract art from old and revive it in a new way

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