What is the difference between art and design? What is the difference between an artist and a designer?

 What is the difference between art and design? What is the difference between an artist and a designer?

presentation :

   Art and design are one of the most frequently discussed artistic debates of our time. There are many artists trying to either bring them together or divide them, and to this day both sides present arguments that establish their vision and thought, but from this purposeful discussion a question arose that, when answered, there may be a conclusion to the dialogue: is it? Is there a difference between art and design? In order to answer, we will present explanatory axes on which you can build an answer to the question, and we will present what the thinkers relied on most, and the decision remains yours. Likewise, you cannot rely solely on researching the differences while neglecting the connections, or vice versa, then you will be biased towards one party.

Definition of both art and design:

- Art: Art is based on an opinion, idea, feeling, feeling, or feeling... in the mind or imagination of the artist as an expression to show to others, a message from the artist expressed in an unconventional, creative way. Art is the product of acquired knowledge, creativity, and innate talent.

- Design: Design is built from an idea whose goal is to promote, create, or create... The design focuses more on aesthetics or benefit, adhering to time and budget constraints. It is the product of learning and knowledge and includes a clear apparent meaning.

The meaning of both art and design:

- Art: When you see any successful work of art, for example a painting, the first question that will come to your mind is: What does that mean? Or what did the artist want to convey from his painting? A question leads you to another question, and this is considered a success for the artist. The goal is to make the recipient ask questions about what is around him, himself, and everything, and put him in a position of thinking and asking questions.

- Design: While the design aims to answer questions, introduce things, make it easier to remember, answer what its purpose is, or make it easier to read the definition of the storefront or the product. In short, seeing a parking lot sign will answer the question, “Where is the parking?” You will not depend on the sign to think. With other questions

Art and design goal:

- Art: Perhaps you saw Picasso’s paintings, especially the Cubist ones, and your reaction was, “I don’t understand anything.” Or you can search for interpretations of Van Gogh’s paintings. You will find that one painting has more than one interpretation, and they are all different. Perhaps you think that this is a negative thing in reality, as that is one of the most important goals of art. Creating questions and definitions according to the way the recipient is affected. Every fan has an interpretation according to his point of view, his artistic knowledge, his perception, and his feelings may also control the method of interpretation. Each person has a different interpretation of the question.

- Design: While design seeks to provide one comprehensive answer for everyone, the simpler it is and the more understandable it is, the more it achieves what is required. Rather, the limitation is that if it makes you ask more questions, you will fail.

Fundamental differences between art and design:

- Art design questions answers

- Art is talent, design is skill

- Art, imagination, design, imagination + intelligence

- Art journey design process

- Art explains design understands

What links art and design:

- You may be wondering that everything we presented was based on the fact that there are big differences between art and design. Well, what brings us back to point zero is that everything above stems from whether art inspires or stimulates design. Here we will find that everything begins to overlap and unify, for example, both become used. The styles are the same. Both may adopt aesthetics. Both aim to create a reaction. Even more, the designer may adopt his ideas from the artistic works that began with them. Both require knowledge and creativity. Both may be built for the other, especially artistic cultural symbols. They share the basics of drawing. Both may depend on emotion in implementation.

a summary :

The problem is that all differences are not things that can be determined. Design or art have an unchangeable symbiosis. Rather, design can use all the differences in art, the same thing for the last, and determining those differences comes from who uses them the most. It is normal to find a design that creates more questions than a work of art. Or cross

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