What is hyperrealism in drawing? The difference between realism and hyperrealism

 What is hyperrealism in drawing? The difference between realism and hyperrealism

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If you are interested in art, you must have seen a work that makes you wonder if it is a photograph or a work of art, or what is artistically called hyperrealism, that is, the moment when the artist takes the transfer of reality to a level that surprises the admirer and makes him wonder how the artist arrived at the final image. The hyper-realist artist aims to erase the boundaries between art and reality.

Definition of hyperrealism:

Hyperrealism is a style that relies heavily on aesthetics and makes designs as realistic as possible. To achieve this, painters relied on photographs to transfer them and sought to copy them in the best possible way and draw details in a frightening way that dazzles the most important rule of hyperrealism is that We must not distinguish the work from the reference. Indeed, by using drawing, we can show more details, which gives greater realism than photographs.

 Hyperrealism requires stronger artistic work than the known official schools. Far from artistic and philosophical meaning and expression, hyperrealism depends on aesthetics and the first look at the final work, which requires the artist to focus more on shadows, precise lighting effects and the smallest details. that can be found in reality. Despite this, there is no work of art that is void of expression and emotion, even if beauty takes precedence over expression.

Many people think that realism is the same as hyperrealism because they are both combined in some things and different in others. Realism is one of the artistic schools that relies on imagining events that have happened and bringing them to life in the form of painting, or relying on reality to create a painting that matches what the eye sees with emotional expression or essential messages. While hyperrealism seems to challenge realistic photography and seeks to overcome it, it is found that it erases the errors of photography and brings out more details, enhances deception and makes better use of colors, but still retains the realism of the errors to give a reality that exists realistically.

Hyperrealism, despite its artistic marginalization, is a very formal and difficult style. It is also one of the longest types of drawing to implement and does not accept repeated errors. Additionally, to achieve the ability to draw hyperrealism, you must be a very skilled artist and able to exploit their talent in a manner close to perfection. It also requires expensive tools

What makes realistic drawing different is giving beauty to the simplest things. For example, seeing a plate of food drawn with extreme realism will surprise you and make you ask yourself many questions: is it 100% a drawing? Did the artist use any tricks to make the drawing so perfect? How long did it take? These are questions that the artist will seek to make you ask

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