What is Representational art? What is representative drawing? Definition, History and Importance

 What is Representational art? What is representative drawing? Definition, History and Importance

a definition :

Representational art or pictorial art are names for the same formal approach of copying real things and transforming them into a work of art, such as inanimate objects, a landscape or a still image. Figurative art is one of the oldest types of art. used by humans. In fact, many historians believe it to be the first formal expression used since cave drawings, so drawings dating back to the Stone Age were mostly figurative.

The most important period for pictorial art was during the Renaissance era, when this approach was used by the most famous painters of the time, such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, who innovated in the brush stroke method and used unique and unexpected techniques. with him. The Renaissance era was one of the most prosperous eras for art in general. Most of his drawings were drawings. Figurative, and it represents the most creative group in art in general.

What is collage art:

Representational art involves taking reality through sight and copying what the eye sees in a work of art. It defines a specific thing beyond imagination. Often, pictorial art is used to draw landscapes, people, still lifes and personal portraits. In short, figurative art represents things as realistically as possible.

Figurative art is an initial school for learning drawing. This is the method most used by drawing enthusiasts to draw, and it is very suitable because it allows you to develop with each attempt. It is also the method for learning the basics, including artistic insight and solid insight into implementation.

Figurative art, on the other hand, is a type of which the most famous is figurative abstract art, which is a method used by the figurative artist to acquire greater freedom of expression, whether as a means of interpret the subject or present it. The most notable person who used this technique is Pablo Picasso, whether in the Blue Era or the Rose Era, and to transform the method of drawing, such as using Cubism.

One of the most famous works that you can focus on to understand Pictorialism better. You can analyze the works of the artist Paul Cézanne, and one of the most famous of them is Four Apples, which is an oil painting, as the artist shows its resemblance to the most important rules of pictorial painting, either by rejecting dense brushstrokes and contrasts of shadow and light, to concentrate instead on the colors of the things he paints with the aim of giving it a chromatic representation close to the artist Cézanne knew how to give the painting more realism than that, to the point that he preferred to give it the appearance of the vision of his eyes when he saw the colors.

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