Adolf Hitler painter and art lover, the most famous drawing of Adolf Hitler

 Adolf Hitler, painter and art lover, the most famous drawing of Adolf Hitler

When we talk about Adolf Hitler, we often talk about one of the most famous people and one of the most influential figures in human history. He is also considered the most hated, the one who caused the deaths of millions of people and a world war that destroyed countries. The Nazi leader knew very well that he wanted to be an artist, so he applied to He was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts several times until he was rejected. It is a well-known story, and many believe that if "He had accepted, his life would have been different and many things would have changed in history. Hitler, who loved art, did not receive much be careful because of its bloody history, and there are questions that need to be asked. Were Hitler's drawings and paintings good? What is his most famous drawing? How was it rejected at the 'Acadamy of Arts ?

How was Adolf Hitler rejected at the Academy of Fine Arts?

During the early years, Hitler was an art lover and a lover of drawing since his childhood in Austria. Lisa, his mother encouraged him in his artistic talent, but his father, Alois, did not want his son to take this direction and completely ignored his talent. He knew he would beat him often, which influenced Hitler during his upbringing and on his face. To study only, his father died. Despite this, Hitler completed his studies with an average grade at the age of eighteen. Hitler headed to the artistic capital, Vienna. At that time, he aspired to realize his dream and become an artist. He enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and actually passed the first test, but the admissions committee rejected him. Due to the poor level of Hitler's graphics

The rejection affected Hitler so much that he did not accept it, so he continued to draw and mingle with the art community. He applied for the second time and was rejected again as a consolation. The advice of his teachers pushed him to enroll in the School of Architecture, because they saw that his drawings had an architectural character and an understanding of design that was not there. The refusal was acceptable to Hitler, which caused him a shock that affected all aspects of his life, including psychologically and financially. He experienced a period of poverty and only survived on a loan, perhaps from his family.

Were Hitler's drawings and paintings good?

He painted oil and watercolor paintings of Vienna and sold them to foreigners. It was his daily bread and his way of life. Sales to Hitler provided him with a pitiful salary, meaning he was a miserable performer as a street performer. However, this was a turning point for him, as his interest in the art world waned. He became very interested in politics and began to establish his ideas. He settled in Munich and began selling his paintings to earn a living. His life moved away from art, especially when he tried to recruit it. However, Hitler did not pass the army aptitude test and only entered the army after the start of the First World War, and this on a voluntary basis. The story is known for his rise to power

Adolf Hitler's most famous drawing?

Adolf Hitler's paintings often depicted tourist attractions, statues or decorations, and the only portrait of him was that of himself, which was a sketch, but the most important drawing for him was a drawing of a Volkswagen car, the Beetle, or other. was later known as the Beetle, the most popular and widespread classic car at the time. Nicknamed the People's Car, it was the idea of Adolf Hitler who drew an imaginative sketch of it before famous designer Ferdinand Porsche modified it. lots of stories about how he did this, there are those who say that Porsche had the idea for a car until Hitler didn't like it, so he picked up a pen and started drawing, so he told him it should look like a beetle, and the other story goes that Hitler had the idea while he was sitting in a cafe in Munich, so he drew it. In both cases, it was he who had the idea and the initial design. Hitler had other technical designs, such as a design for the Arc de Triomphe in Germany, and he had designs on the German future. The strange thing is that his designs were good to excellent, and many people believed that if he had followed his teachers' advice and enrolled in engineering, he would have become a successful engineer, unlike his ordinary paintings 


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