The most famous left-handed artists, the reason for using the left hand

 The most famous left-handed artists, the reason for using the left hand

Left-handed users are often described as possessing intelligence, the ability to lead, and the ability to succeed. This has been reinforced by the rise of left-handed politicians, country leaders and celebrities, who often occupy the top of the rankings. competition in their field, which actually begs the question: are left-handed people distinct from normal people? The percentage of left-handed people in the world is estimated at around 10%, which is a low percentage, but it does not go to the extreme: the majority of them are men more than women, and it is also one of the biggest questions. : For what?

Why use the left hand?

Who determines which hand is used, whether for writing, drawing, etc.? The brain is divided into two, the right cerebral hemisphere and the left cerebral hemisphere. Neuroscientists today have many studies on the left hand and the right hand, and what they have The conclusion is that the left-handed person is controlled by the right hemisphere for movement, while 70% of people use the right hemisphere for language. The right brain and the right person are involved in movement, the left hemisphere and language. 90% use the right hemisphere, and depending on the movement it is classified into whether it is a left-brained person or a right-brained person.

Is there a difference between a right-handed person and a left-handed person?

Although left-handers use the right hemisphere and right-handers use the left hemisphere, according to the National Institute of Health, there is no relationship between intellectual or artistic superiority and the use of one side of the brain. the brains of religious people who use the left hand versus the right hand? The enlargement of the parietal fibrous tract which connects the two hemispheres. The brain is something that is not a group at all, but rather making it more capable of processing information to a greater extent, making connections and passing information between the two halves of the brain. mind, and deepening complex or creative thinking, which creates tension in the cerebral body and movement.

Technically, there is no difference between the use of one hemisphere of the brain. Neuroscientists, through brain imaging, see that creative thinking is active across a wide range of the brain network, and that no hemisphere of the brain is preferred over the other. the most complex human organ that can be understood, and with all the technology we have today, we still don't know it. A vast sea. Although people are classified as left-brained or right-brained, many tests show that both sides are activated in certain situations.

The most famous left-handed artists:

Leonardo DeVinci

Many consider Leonardo to be the greatest painter in history. He is considered an inventor and a painter capable of drawing with his left hand. He also suffered from dyslexia, which is why many of his notes on his sketches are written in a way that is acceptable due to dyslexia. He tried to write them with his right hand, not knowing how wrong he was. It was his way of preserving... The secret of his inventions or his method to make reading easier

Michael Angelo

The most famous artist of the Renaissance, his works always depicted left-handers, such as the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome, where Adam was also left-handed.

Pablo Picasso

The Spanish painter is considered by many to be the greatest painter of all time. The artist was left-handed, as shown in the images when he painted, and he knew how to use both hands.

Van Gogh

Henri from Toulouse-Lautrec

Peter Paul Rubens

Paul Klee

Hans Holbein

Raoul DufyKarel Appel

If we take the names presented, the first three could be classified among the best historical painters of all time, if they were not competing for first place. What they have in common is that it is difficult for many that this could not be a coincidence, which increases the doubt that science and medicine cannot confirm or deny the existence or not a relationship. Between challenges, intelligence and artistic talent

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