The most famous wood carvings, the most famous wood carvers?

 The most famous wood carvings, the most famous wood carvers?

History of wood carving:

Because wood has a great and long history in human life, being one of the first materials that man learned to use, and until today its continuity is important, and its use is still important in our daily life, whether in our daily products. life, such as desks, beds, etc., as well as its use since ancient times to express oneself. Whether it is about beliefs or those who believed in them, like idols, these sculptures have always excited the minds of historians, explorers and scientists. Even today, they bear witness to the strength of the artisans of the time and their astonishing creativity.

The first tools that largely used wood were Egyptian tools, and what is attested is a group of wooden sculptures in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, including a wooden statue of a man dating to around 4000 BC . sculptures of yesterday and today, the tools have changed and become easier and gentler to use. To the point that the central idea to make wood remove the existing is to transform the solid shape of wood, soften it and process it to obtain an unexpected form that contains both aesthetic and artistic. The reasons for their creation also differ: in the past, most works were idols or beliefs, but today they are only for artistic work.

The transmission of wood carving techniques from generation to generation. Often, sculptors have long been described as artisans and craftsmen. It is difficult to find the name of a sculptor as widely known as the artists, until today, as the artists, their works and names begin to emerge. We will exhibit the most famous works of wood carving . And the most famous wood carvers?

The most famous wood carvings

Lion of Hope

It is a wooden sculpture by Eugen Lengel-Rebitz, completed in 2021. It is now on display in the Leonardo Gallery. It represents a majestic and realistic lion made from a single piece of wood using a saw. Eugen is considered one of the most famous wood carvers of our time. He was previously a painter, which highlights his superiority in realism and three-dimensional drawings. He uses a hammer and chisel to polish his sculptures and add more details. He has other sculptures, most of which are animals, with dimensions similar to reality, including a sculpture of a horse, an owl, and many others...


This is a group of statues that capture a period or human feelings of sadness, joy and painful situations. They are by the sculptor Wolfgang Stiller. He started them more than ten years ago during his stay in China. The first statues filled their environment. The majority of the statues can be depressing, whether because of the unhappy faces or the use of colors, such as red, black or even bronze in some of them.

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Sculptor Willy Verginer creates very realistic sculptures, the most famous of which is a statue of a young boy playing with water surrounded by trash such as soda bottles and cans. He also has the Verginer collection, which are small sculptures with large heads sticking out. boxes and businessmen wearing glasses and sitting on the backs of donkeys, which are often... His subjects contain a contrast between contemporary industry and rural life, which makes them unique and unexpected, in more of the wonderful sculpture and its creativity in geometric demarcation. in colour.

Among the most famous sculptors are:

-Ben Butler

-Young Joo Lee

-Enrique Oliveira

-Aaron Demetz

-Pablo Reyno

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