Who is Virgil Abloh? The life of the world's most famous designer and his relationship with Kanye West. Virgil Abloh

 Who is Virgil Abloh? The life of the world's most famous designer and his relationship with Kanye West. Virgil Abloh

Who is Virgil Abloh?

Virgil Abloh, the designer and owner of the off-white brand, who collaborates with the biggest international fashion companies like Louis Vuitton, Nike and others, and with the most famous designers, including Kanye West, is famous for his work that is derived and inspired by the American street and its introduction to the major fashion scenes, the street way. What is the description of Virgil's works and the new approach he imposed on fashion in general and questioning everything we knew about it, the designer who sat on the throne of fashion with its own off-white brand for many years?

Virgil Abloh, despite his current fame, his early life and childhood do not suggest the emergence of the most famous clothing designer in the world. On the contrary, it is very simple. He grew up in a working-class neighborhood. His first inspiration came from the middle class. in the city of Chicago to immigrant parents from Ghana. His father ran a painting business while his mother. She was a seamstress. The parents were not far from the son's specialty, especially the mother, who also had a great influence on him. The child, Virgil, was passionate about sports, especially American football and basketball. He was able to earn a master's degree in architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Virgil Abloh's start with fashion and his relationship with Kanye West:

Immediately after finishing his studies, Virgil went to learn the basics of clothing design from his mother and applied them to shirt design, which allowed him to work in a printing company and realize his designs. After that, he acquired the know-how of screen printing. He printed it and applied it to his own collection of shirts and sold them online. Virgil continued like this. He sells T-shirts and other designs, which is how he met his professional friend, singer, producer and designer Kanye West. According to For the story, the meeting was made thanks to a friend of Kanye who was going to the printing press to prepare T-shirts. He was quickly impressed by her work and introduced her to Kanye in 2009. Their relationship developed while they were interns. Maison Fendi, thanks to which it opened up great horizons for them, notably Paris Fashion Week

Where he served as art director and cover designer for Kanye West and Jay-Z's album Watch the Throne. After the album's success, it made him one of the most sought-after cover designers in the world. the world of rap, and he has worked with the most famous artists such as ASAP Rocky, Big Sean and many others after being In Kanye's team and with his entourage, Virgil Abloh always knew he had to to step out of Kanye's shadow as soon as he wanted to make a name and a brand apart. After numerous collaborations in the field of music or clothing, the time has come for him to make his way alone.

He started by opening his first boutique in cooperation with Don C under the rsvp label in Chicago in 2012. He launched his first solo collection of shorts under the ryrex label. He quickly added blouses. experience, the amount of the offer was therefore very modest, not exceeding $350. He announced the end of the experiment after a year

Creation of a spontaneous business and the beginning of success:

In 2012, Virgil Abloh decided to launch his brand Off-Wrhite, which made him a big name in the fashion field. It quickly became a celebrity brand, and great artists admired and wore it, such as Drake, Beyonce, Jay-Z, and many others. Virgil, with his creations, linked... Streetwear and luxury fashion, which led him to revolutionize the world of fashion. Off-white has enjoyed great success, allowing it to compete with the biggest brands in the world. , and she continued to produce successful clothing and increase the brand's fame year after year.

Until 2016, Virgil's biggest partnership came when Nikki asked him to redesign dozens of flagship models. However, the international designer hesitated to accept the offer for fear of failure, which shattered his entire career. group in 2017 and it was a resounding success on every level. On the contrary, he became one of the best. They are acquired for investment and collection purposes due to their high prices.

From success to success, in 2018, Louis Vuitton, the largest fashion house in the world, appointed him artistic director of the men's line, which made him the pinnacle of success in the world of fashion. have increased significantly, and the first fashion show organized under his leadership was a resounding success.

Sadly, on Sunday, November 28, 2021, Virgil Abloh passed away at the age of 41. After battling heart cancer for more than two years, the world lost one of the most talented and influential young men of his time. what Virgil Abloh left behind is still in its infancy, and the revolution that left him continues

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