Abstract painting, definition, types and basics, what does abstract art mean and its characteristics

 Abstract painting, definition, types and basics, what does abstract art mean and its characteristics

a definition :

To understand abstract art, we must first understand the meaning of the word abstraction, which is a method we use in a conversation or as an expressive method to describe a specific thing. The goal of abstraction is to formulate the expression smoothly without complicating it. In general, it dominates our daily lives and is widely used to describe all things. For example, the word telephone appears as a word. Simple, but it's a word in which abstraction is used, and the abstraction happens here as we deliberately neglect the contents or components of the phone, such as the screen, battery and camera. . and summarize it in one word, which means we then abstract it from the names of its complete components and summarize it in a specific sense. The same applies to forms In material life, whether real or artistic, since its creation, abstraction has been a tool to develop language and facilitate it by simplifying concepts. It is something that people have come to live with normally, to the point that many can use it without being conscious or conscious of it, whether verbally or abstractly.

Abstraction in drawing:

Artists applied abstraction by reflecting visual reality, especially natural reality, in geometric shapes that contradict reality and do not have realistic visual evidence, but they address the feeling and vision of the artist and treat subjects in a way that strips them of their true form. used have an abstraction of certain connotations which take the recipient on a journey of reflection on the content of its abstraction. Each content has meanings. Different, and therein lies the creativity of abstraction, which allows the recipient to find the idea and the meaning. The painter can also abstract through color and reflect the real color. The latter works to give contrasting colors which have other meanings, and coloring plays a fundamental role, in particular by overturning the stereotypical or natural image.

Abstraction art is built on shapes, symbols and the lack of stability of a specific subject. It is considered one of the modern arts and is implemented in a way very far from realistic drawing and the use of imagination.

Types of abstract designs:

Curvilinear Abstraction: It is used to draw twisted lines and implement spiral patterns, swirls, and linear curves, especially for drawing portraits. It also does not use straight lines or angles and aims to create a linear distortion contrary to reality.

- Geometric abstraction: From its name, it includes the use of geometric shapes such as triangles, rectangles and cubes, and aims to distort the real shape and give another character with the coloring character.

- Gesture abstraction: It is most commonly used for coloring, because it does not contain themes and has an execution based on feelings and brushstrokes.

- Simple abstraction: It is an abstraction with the concepts of geometric abstraction, with greater freedom of expression, choosing shapes and manipulating them more, such as three-dimensionality.

Abstract art is one of the most difficult and powerful arts today. Its advantage is intellectual depth and the desire to find the content of drawing in a more difficult way than other types of art. It can also be interpreted depending on each individual. and according to one's psychological state and feelings. It affects a large group of art lovers, and today it is one of the most widespread arts

 Abstraction can be difficult to understand for some, or just scribbles for others. However, it is the opposite. Abstraction is very difficult and precise in the choice of brushstroke, color intensity, stereotypes, suggestiveness and feelings, all of which appear in his painting, making many wonder.

If the drawing does not create controversy, it has not achieved its objective

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