The most famous sites for selling works of art, drawings and paintings

 The most famous sites for selling works of art, drawings and paintings

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 The sale of artistic works in our time, especially in our Arab countries, is considered limited to the old methods, due to the scarcity of platforms or sites capable of providing this service. There are also several other factors, including the lack of a culture of appreciation and purchasing of artistic works in the Arab world, which causes difficulties for any artist, no matter what. His fame was due to the sale of his paintings or drawings, and you can imagine that the most famous Arab artists took months for their paintings to be sold. be sold, not to mention the beginning and the difficulties he will face. Without regulating the sales method and without having relationships with collectors and sellers, it will be difficult for you to sell your paintings, which is why you should If you are seriously thinking about placing it on international sites, on the one hand you target a wider audience, and on the other hand you become a painter, a fan and a seller, but in a way that saves you from hard-to-get relationships.

How sales sites work:

 The sites that we will mention are a site that offers you a store inside which you can display your products. There are several factors that determine the success or failure of your store. We will identify them. What you need to understand is that most of these sites profit from every sale you make at a certain percentage, and this varies from site to site, so they also profit from your store, while you benefit from website visitors, and in this case they are in millions, which makes the sales rate high or possible. You may ask yourself: Why don't I create my own website where I sell paintings like the greatest artists? Simply put, it depends on how famous you are. If your name is known artist and search... Your name can be found on search sites. It is very simple. You just need to search for hosting sites, of which there are many, and they will allow you to create a special site.

Factors for store success or failure:

 You should know that these sites have methods that you should use to make your store popular for the site, which will put you on the top of the search list. First of all, you need to know that visits will come to you from search, which means that anyone searching the Pop Earth forums should find you among the first in search, making your forum visible. Remember, you are looking for just one buyer. First of all, what you need to master is following the most popular types of forums. paint and create your drawings or paintings according to what is demanded on the market. For example, a year ago one of the most requested paints was alcohol colors, but today one of the most sought after paints is used ones. neutral colors and to find the trend you are going to work on and how to title your paintings and put them in the search list you need to search for sites that provide you with "keywords" and you need to learn SEO/engine optimization search, which is the study of how search engines work.

Make no mistake, the process is simple. All you have to do is publish your drawings. On the contrary, there are many things that need to be worked on. I have given you the first two steps, which are the most important, and you will learn more after each step. Take the time to understand how these sites work before you start viewing them. Your products, and you can apply the same rules to all the products you want to display. Finally, don't price a little or a lot, but rather get closer to the market to make your store more reliable. Finally, you will lose nothing by exhibiting your paintings, but you must be honest in your relationships.

The most famous art sales sites:

We will present the sites according to their reputation in the artistic world. One of them may not be suitable for your country or the service may not be available there. How to find the site that matches your ambition:

Artpal site: Imagining a site in which there are more than 200,000 artists in all fields is very wonderful. Indeed, just browsing it is a wonderful journey into the sea of art. What sets it apart is that the percentage of artistic paintings in various media and drawings, whether pencil or color, make up the largest percentage on the site, which means fans of these works represent a significant percentage of visitors, making it a huge market for drawing

Artfinder site: This is a more selective site and requires you to go through an acceptance stage before allowing you to create your store. The site is considered professional in the marketing of works of art. It also brings together the best artists in the world. All of 's works are sold, including figurative drawings, digital art and prints. The price is also high compared to other websites.

Saatchiart Site: If you want to be professional and are looking for the greatest art site you can find, then the saatchiart site is the home of the greatest international artists and one of the most influential sites in art in general. It's no surprise that it brings together the most influential artists of our time, and their name was born from the site itself. You can imagine his influence. The site is a printed catalog that reaches more than a million families.

Fine Art America Site: Anything mentioned on other sites can be applied to this site, it just needs to be one of the oldest and most experienced sites.

These are the most famous and trusted sites you can rely on. Of course, there are sites that offer the sale of works of art, even if they are not intended for that. The best known of them are Amazon, Etsy, eBay and Society6. , which are huge sites, but they depend on other things, and it will be a bit difficult for you to promote your work.

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