The most famous painter, who are the most famous artists of our time?

 The most famous painter, who are the most famous artists of our time?

presentation :

The ancient artists, or the most famous of them, like Picasso or Da Vinci, had names alone capable of selling any painting, whatever they are, but their sketches are equal to artistic paintings for some. The truth has each time the artists the summit, but their reputation and the extent of their exploitation differ, such as the ways of their creativity, the profit methods and their official programs differ, for example, in relation to Picasso, which created concepts, school and artistic philosophy with artists whose methods whose methods are whose methods were unique. His difficulty is that it was useful in the best programs and highlighted them more positively or negative does not get today, just like the internal world of artists, that is to say that the artistic world was more an old interest in the press of what it is today

Explanation of contemporary art:

Artists are launched today by contemporary artists. This name has a significant meaning, that is to say the famous artists of this day, and they can be added still alive, and the meaning of the artistic and they are religious artists belonging to the movement of the contemporary art which emerged from the 1970s of the 19th century to the 1970s of the last century

The most famous painters of our time:

- Banksy: As a month, none of the current artists today reach the reputation of the artist banx, the English graphic painter, known for his daring drawings which treated human and political subjects. After sold it $ 1.3 million

- Rudolf Sinel: The international artist adopting the decorative style in a official way and his advantage in the concept of coincidence in the drawing by involving the public in his drawings in 1989. A great perspective is one of the strangest artists and his Decorative style is placed on any surface, but it will rather decor a whole wall

- Peter Food: An artist who mixes a large mixture and realism to create wonderful magic scenes. He created paintings from his childhood.

- Yashimoto Nara: The Japanese artist followed by a study program, which are drawings which are often individual with a little background or without bottom, but with frightening feelings and acute freshness. For example, one of his drawings is a small child with a campaign for a net tool and with criminal feelings, his drawings often create a great controversy

- Hirst Damial: The subjects of the British artist and the way of binding them in a work of art, whether it is a sculpture or a drawing of art, science, faith, death and of life.

There are artists who should have the highest pyramid in the future, including those who are celebrities today and have wonderful artistic achievements. We mention among them

- Guillermo Lorca Garcia

- Dario Puggioni

- Darian Mederos

Adam Caldwell

Joshua Miles

Latte city

James Cook

Alper Dostal

- Cyril Rolado

- Hiroki Takeda

- Olivia Kemp

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