What are the types of drawing paper? The sizes, sizes and properties of the drawing paper, soft, coarse and medium paper

 What are the types of drawing paper? The sizes, sizes and properties of the drawing paper, soft, coarse and medium paper

presentation :

Choosing the right paper for your drawings is one of the priorities, because it plays a great decoration in the final image of the drawing and its splendor, if you use a pencil, a charcoal, water colors, a pastel, ink or others. Choose the most suitable paper is necessary. Imagine an anterior surface that you will need and will see it before the conclusion of your official work

Paper sizes:

The paper is measured by a metric scale and means that the decimal measurement. The smaller and smaller the number, the greater the paper, for example, A5 is the smallest A4, while the A3 is larger than the A4 and the number and the number A0 continues and it is the bigger

Types of paper according to its properties:

Bristol Paper: cotton fiber paper is one of its greatest characteristics.

Chalice fibers: one of the most popular types of paper, which is made of more resistant wood paste than others, because it is rough and easily means wiping operations

Cotton fibers: cotton fiber paper, which are most famous for the drawing process or regular leaves

Types of paper:

Smooth / Plate: It is used in drawing in general, that lead or coal is characterized by the power to show the details of a soft texture, but it is able to bear that it is used as in the initial costs and free expression. Or color with a memory. One of its most famous types of chascoal with stratumore, there are many types of size or weight.

Roaring or Mediterranean paper: it is often used for water colors for its advantage and the ability to tolerate it is available on 300 g weighing, which makes it the most suitable for the latter, because it can be used In the charcoal and other colors of its colors the most famous types of Canson and there is in different sizes and weight with a medium or very rough texture paper.

Cold Press: These are the most appropriate sheets of the graphics with balls or coloring pens that are characterized by the balance of their paper between the sweet and the coarse used as if you plan or the free drawing. They are often a small size to make the painter easier to write his ideas by planning one of his most famous guns.

the weight   :

- from 80 to 120 g: this is the appropriate weight for sketches and simple costs

- From 150 to 180 grams: it is the designated weight for complete lead graphics, such as portrait, which is the appropriate weight for the component of drawing tools.

- from 300 grams to above: it is suitable for the colors of gouache, acrylic, watercolor and oil

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