What is the art of ebru, defining its tools and types, the art of drawing on water

 What is the art of Iberro, defining its tools and types, the art of water drawing

a definition :

The art of Iberro is one of the most strange and distinctive types of drawing and in front of it returns to the 10th century, then its adoption as a means of decorating pottery, marble and all kinds of women. The 16th century, and the two Turkish letters were those looking for this art, whether for artists, letters or the price of transfer of knowledge and skills from generation to generation in the relationship of the teacher and the trainee and trainee and trainee and trainee and trainee of the professor and the student are not the name of al-Abro which returns to the Persian word, meaning clouds or clouds, and among the Turks mean the eyebrows

His advantage:

The needle is also called paper marble due to the shapes it makes, zigzags and small lines similar to the realistic marble lines necessary to create the needle. The surface of the water is added and the cellulose solution is added to assemble the dye and form it, then the drawing begins with a tool called foam and its forms and patterns of guest design and create conceptions like the artist wants after that. The paper is placed on the surface of the smooth water

Ilbero's advantage and tool:

ABO's art depends on solutions and dyes that are not mixed with water, which makes it benefit from the flow of water, melawin and the smooth mixture to make an artistic masterpiece Harmonious, just like dyeing dirt without oils naturally extracted and vegetarian The base is the most important tool, therefore the basic element and its advantage is not subjected to Dubin in water in second of coloring on the surface. You will need gum materials such as natural gum materials such as Irish foam, linen sowing

As for the basin used, it is called a turkey tuna, and it is often made of steel, pine wood or chinko, and the drawing is done with brushes of different shapes and the sumptuous

Types of Iberro:

With a simple note, you will know that the art of Ibero is always used in the old manners of dyeing and the natural trade of gum more than a technician and decorative for this. The Asian species is not much mentioned

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