What are the best paints for painting on fabric? Colors for every type of fabric

 What are the best paints for painting on fabric? Colors for every type of fabric

a definition:

Drawing on fabric, whether as an art experiment, a project you're working on, or a hobby. Everyone wants the end result to be close to expectations, whether in terms of color harmony, giving smooth lines, good color saturation with the fabric. , color resistance to fading and washing, and much more... Of course, this requires caution. Good knowledge of application methods, auxiliary tools and types of fabrics. We have dedicated an article to know all the above, drawing on fabrics with acrylic colors and fabric dyeing.

However, knowledge is necessary, but it is not everything. The choice of tools is one of the biggest success factors. Painting on clothes is different. If you are not going to do acrylic coloring or fabric dyeing, you will need professional paints that provide what is necessary. These paints are specialized according to each type of fabric. Before you start your work, you need to know what it is. The surface used has its own tools and methods of implementation.

The best paints for drawing:

Perhaps the vast majority of those who like to draw on fabric seek to try their first experiment on shirts, and the result is often disappointing due to hardness, cracks or roughness, especially on cotton shirts or flexible. and it is difficult for you to use fabric dyeing, which requires balance, working hours and precision, this can be compensated. With the tulip colors for fabrics, they are suitable for beginners and suitable for soft fabrics. Indeed, they can be described as the best. This is a group of bottles available in over 20 colors. When used, they require water and several coats in order to become a surface concealer. It is also necessary to reduce it, so do not overdo it so that it does not become hard.

If you want paints you can rely on for any fabric job, the best you can get is Jacquard Colors, the world's leading company in textile coloring. The company offers a wide variety of every possible type of fabric, from natural to synthetic fabrics to leather and others. The company offers professional colors aimed at professionals. If you want to make fabric painting a profitable project, you should invest in professional colors. Jacquard colors are acrylic-based paints, which makes all the advantages of the latter present, including the absence of cracking and peeling, even with repeated washing. The bottle comes ready to use. It can be placed directly on the fabric and water is added to lighten it. Viscosity reduction works well with stencils and block printing.

You can look for other brands that might be suitable for you. In the end, technical advice differs according to each person and their own style. Here are the best known brands in this field and the most used all over the world, and they are the most famous.

- arteza permanent textile paint

- permanent paints for fabrics Mont Marte

- Castle Art Supplies 3D Fabric Painting Kit

- paints for jacquard fabrics

- neon nights acrylic fabric: If you are looking for a paint with night glow feature, this brand has come to give you neon colors in clothes, which gives the clothes a wonderful lighting property in the dark.

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