What are the Muted colors of art? Its definition, characteristics and meanings

 What are the Muted colors of art? Its definition, characteristics and meanings

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Understanding colors has always been a difficult thing for artists or scientists, and there is a science for colors that have many theories and enormous concepts, colors exist most in our lives. can choose and play and proud of feelings are the silent colors

Definition of silent colors:

Silent colors or faded colors, which are the colors that express calm, comfort and humility, and these are all uncomfortable colors, that is to say that they are not bright or lively, and These are all frightening colors or less density, that is to say silent to think to think about the light and the basic colors in them are gray colors, can be explained naturally in the colors of the day of the rain, which are the dull colors, the opposite colors of the apricot today, despite the fact that the silent colors express the calm and the knife that the knife that the knife that the artists can use them to create several ideas of their Feelings such as sharing, confusion, fear or others, silent colors are one of the rare colors that can be obtained with calm messages and at the same time is the secret and the creation of a mood of sadness and ghost

The two most important colors in silent colors are black, gray, gray. The color of the sky, happiness and joy is appreciated by its use in a specific method to adapt to silent colors, because Picasso used it in the blue period of his life expressing anxiety, fear, sadness and blue in silent colors that always expressed despair

One of the most important of those who have used silent colors and art lovers in its meaning is Claude Monet. The question makes it always more concerned and will be more interested in that of the most famous paintings in the world, in particular oil

You can create any silent paint using significant frightening colors, which are all gradually producing in black, so you can add any color you want, but it must be diluted until it becomes equal At least with a gray color or merge it with gray. YOU. Can also use opposite color technology, which is the theory based on each color has an inverted color, and when combined, it creates a delicate gray property, for example, red and green, orange and blue, which is a way used to cancel color saturation

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