The basics of watercolor drawing, gold advice for mastery of water coloring

 The basics of watercolor drawing, gold advice for mastery of water coloring

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The colors of the water are one of the most famous and most popular coloring materials, and the reason is first due to its transparency and its ability to easily mix the layers of color, because it is The lowest costly material to which it is not easy to manage because of its difficult mediator, comparing with other materials such as gyritis, so that water can cause major problems such as leak or leak or The loss of colors or others, such as obtaining the required artistic vision, desired in the colors of the water, is very difficult to return and experienced. Here are the most important tips that will make you more professional

- The most important tips for drawing in the colors of the water:

. Good choice of paper: fault to choose the most suitable paper that can cost you dearly. Due to the way in which the colors of the water are used, you must mix the colors with quantities of water, which makes the coloring more pending, which spoils the paper inappropriate for you, you must be resistant and Capable of carcinogenic and not to escape, the water leaves must respect the conditions of that more and the colors are better than the colors without much influence, like wrinkles and flexion for this. It is less than 140 pounds (300 grams) other conditions is to respect the fabric of the paper, depending on what you would like advantage if your drawings are based on the conversion of details and small drawings, you will need paper to Hot pressure, which is a smooth and solid paper that highlights the most details that are difficult to manage, slide and need an experience in the choice of appropriate function the quantities of water on The curse are the cold pressure sheets, so it is easier to use because of its similar surface.

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. Choose the appropriate brushes: your choice of brushes depends on what you want to do, so it is a question of reaching the details, you need a brush with your head to win all the forms of brushes, but it is important to use brushes targeting your official path and often four or three brushes, another characteristic of water brushes is the ease of accommodation, so all you need is to wash the brushes with ordinary soap and hot water and spread it on the palm of the hand until the colors disappear

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. The quantity of water: Determining the amount of water is a thing led for each artist who praises training on this subject by repetition and experience. The paper while reducing it will cause paste colors that do not flow because they should be on paper between the duck and you will find the moderation that gives you the appropriate transparent color

. Planning of the coloring process: Before sharia in coloring, you must prepare a sketch and benefit its plan, for example, to determine the limits of the plate and leave an edge white and add it to use a sticky tape before starting , Or if you want to celebrate small white parts as a background, you should use barrier liquids or insulation fluid. As you always want to provide the quantities required for large coloring areas, the watercolor load is dried quickly so as not to fall into the different shades of color. The amount of color required must be determined with precision and avoid its exhaustion or coloring. Make sure to mix the paint every time and make sure you provide it, do not fear in your eyes and what you see in color, but a disins, try on paper, always make sure to provide wipes in a glow state

. Golden Base: working from light to darkness must always be careful to form the place of lighting before determining the dark places and you can start with clear places at least clear to the most darkness to give you the graduation of 'Excellent colors that you can define the latest precise disinformation, it is several and cannot be counted, such as dirt, wet on the wet and humid on the dry, which always makes it in renewal and is not boring.

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