What are the best pencils for professionals? Types of pencils for technical drawing

 What are the best pencils for professionals? Types of pencils for technical drawing

a definition :

    The pencil is one of the most widely used formal, planning, and writing tools in the world. The average piece of wood is a piece of graphite. The more effective the latter is, the more it contributes to the quality of planning and to obtaining the best experience whatever the nature of your use of the pen, whether for drawing or architecture...

    Before reviewing the list of the best pencils, it is impossible to limit it to a single brand for several reasons, including individual personal preferences. Additionally, most artists do not prefer to use all lead grades from a single company, but rather prefer to use different grades from each company, which gives them more vitality. Better color texture, more color grading and different planning, especially for those who want to draw portraits on demand. Additionally, your drawing method and formal approach determine how you choose your pens. There are those who like to highlight lines and make them stand out, so they need dark coloring tool pens and solid calligraphy planning. First, there are those who like to gradually graduate the color to the highest degree. possible, making them essential to early pens and requiring less intense pens to affect the surface of the drawing.

    Before you start using lead, you need to know the gradations of lead and how to use it to shape light and shadow. We have dedicated articles that discuss everything in detail:

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The best pencils for professionals:

- Staedtler Mars Lumograph Graphite Pencil: One of the pens known for its wonderful balance between calligraphy pens for planning and engineering and formal pencils, making it ideal for those looking for uninterrupted lines. Its easy dimming is available in all gradations. has a unique feature, which is ease of erasing without leaving traces, which makes it more useful in technical drawing

- Faber Castell 9000 Graphite Sketch Pencil Art: You cannot ask a professional about pencils and the one who advises you about the Faber company is considered the most famous in the world and the most widespread. Despite this, you may encounter problems with imitation. In addition, there are pen boxes from the company itself whose material is not good, so give it a try. If you look for the full package names, it means best quality. The pen can be used in most types of drawing and its quality is of the highest quality and its consistency is among the best among all pens.

- Tombow Mono Professional: The Japanese company known for its darkest, darkest pens is a favorite of those who enjoy all types of drawing, as the pen leaves a line with the slightest friction with the drawing surface. The densest and darkest pens are always popular with painters, especially since they serve as an auxiliary tool and give more gradients.

- Prismacolor graphite drawing: If you try Prisma colored pencils, you will know what this company can offer you in terms of color and professional materials at a good price. Prisma is a company that is gradually taking over the drawing tools market. , which allows it to offer complete pen boxes and soldering rods to provide the overall hardware. For business and at the same time, offering everything a painter needs in one box.

Drawent Medium Graphics Drawing: What sets Drawent pens apart is the ability to draw professional designs with a small number of pens. They are best for smoothing, grading, creating layers and drawing realistically. They are also excellent for drawing details due to their material. and great darkness.

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