Prehistoric art, oldest prehistoric art, types and characteristics of prehistoric art

 Prehistoric art, oldest prehistoric art, types and characteristics of prehistoric art

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When we try to know the oldest type of art, we often talk about prehistoric art, especially stone carvings. It is true that they are the oldest thing that has been proven to date and the oldest testimony to date. other types of art rarely discussed, such as ivory and bone carvings, etc. The wood... Before attempting to explore this era, you should know that exploration is still continuing and that to this day, we cannot be certain. about what the oldest fossils, tools or antiquities are. Rather, all we can do is speculate on the date of their origin using anthropology, although it may not be accurate, even if it is closest to the truth.

Any archaeological piece is then classified in a chronological sequence based on several data, the most important of which is the location, as well as the study of geological archives in order to ensure that the piece is contemporary with the soil or sediments, then the comparisons are made. with fossils, rocks and rock layers, which helps determine contemporaneity or lack of conformity. Once the remainders are successful, the remainders can be determined. The age of the object using the absolute dating technique. Of course, there are more precise tools and methods that can be used, such as radioactive dating and thermoluminescence.

To understand the chronology of the oldest prehistoric works of art, we must understand what the Stone Age is, which is the prehistoric period divided into three parts: the Paleolithic period, which is between 2,500,000 and 10 000 BC, the Mesolithic period, which is between 10,000 and 4,000 BC and the Stone Age. Modern art, which is between 4,000 and 2,000 BC. Any artistic work estimated to be between 2,500,000 and 2,000 BC is classified as prehistoric art.

The oldest prehistoric art:

The oldest prehistoric art discovered to date is the series of rock inscriptions in the two caves, Auditorium Cave and Daraki-Chattan Rock Shelter in India, both of which contain a large group of domes containing rock inscriptions and l rock art, and to this day. the story is not accurate and it is unclear whether this rock art predates the Acheulean culture, meaning it must date back to at least 290,000 BC. However, most researchers believe that once more advanced dating methods become available, it can date back to a much earlier date, to 700,000 BC.

In our Arab countries, the oldest work of prehistoric art is the statue of Tan-Tan, which dates back to the early Stone Age and is considered a statue similar to Berkhat Ram. It was later discovered in the Draa River near the Moroccan town of Tan-Tan. The Tan-Tan piece was dated to around 200,000 to 500,000 BC.

One of the oldest prehistoric arts is the statue of Birkhat Ram (Birkhat Ram), which dates back to the early Stone Age and was discovered in occupied Palestine. It is considered one of the oldest rock arts discovered at this time, although many scholars doubt this. and attributed it to natural erosion before Alexander became a Christian. Marshak, through microscopic analysis, determined that humans were responsible for the statue, although it did not resemble any statue seen today. to deformation, and its creation dates back to 700,000 BC.

  • Gorham Caves Inscriptions 37,000 BC
  • Hebrew inscription of castanets, 37,000 BC
  • cave paintings of fumanes 35,000 BC
  • Altambra cave paintings 34,000 BC
  • Chauvet cave paintings, 30,000 BC

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