How do I start learning drawing from scratch, basics, steps and information, how to draw any drawing I want

 How do I start learning drawing from scratch, basics, steps and information, how to draw any drawing I want

Definition of drawing:

         Drawing is a type of expression built on a line then on a surface. Its purpose varies according to the needs of the painter, his desire to draw aesthetics, expression, photography or the drawing of reality, etc. Drawing requires forming a group of lines to obtain coordinated lines. The designs are divided into three, which are:

   . Simple drawings are used to record the painter's idea or what he wants to draw. These are often crude drawings and do not have prominent features, but they are the first stage of drawing and their aim is to create a very simple drawing. overview of the idea of the drawing.

. Preparatory drawings are preliminary drawings and a prelude to drawings, and their purpose is to show the features and the final or near-finished idea of the painting. This is the common drawing with a pen, and we do not try to learn how to draw it, and it is called the first sketch or drawing.

Complete drawings are either a finished drawing or a complete personal drawing, but the correct statement and true meaning of complete drawings are colored paintings, whether oil, watercolor or others, because according to artistic factors, any uncolored drawing is considered incomplete.

          What we are interested in is the second type of learning, that is, drawing, and to learn anything you need to learn it with some general knowledge, and drawing also has its own names, assumptions, rules and bases, and often the drawing is a vast sea of things. , but we will focus on the most important thing that can help any passionate person learn a skill.

How to start learning to draw:

        To learn how to draw, we need to become familiar with a set of assumptions that will help us, whether it's finding the designs we want to draw or helping us with the method of drawing. Each word has a special concept, method of drawing, or definition. To make the article complete, I'll leave you a link to each word with its own article. You underestimate all knowledge. Knowing a word can make a difference in your drawing. In addition, I will leave you with the tools for drawing with pencils and their types.

1 - Sketch: The link with the sketch is its definition and the difference between it and the drawing

2 - Light and Shadow: The connection is how to draw both light and shadow.

3 - Pencil Drawing Tools: Link to Pencil Drawing Tools and Shading Tools

4 - Types of pencils: Link: Types of pencils and their grades

5 – Sizes: We will talk about this in the next article

      The goal of these articles is for the learner to gain artistic information that prepares them to learn drawing on their own. He must know it well and not neglect it. Among the mistakes beginners make is neglecting the knowledge factor and starting to draw. , which leads to bad errors in drawing, painting or other things that can develop. Mistakes become a habit that is difficult to break or correct.

Mistakes Learners Make in Drawing:

1 - Don't excel in choosing the image you want to draw. Since you are a beginner, you should look for images that are neither realistic nor digital. The solution to this problem is simple. You will download the Pinterest application, whether on phone or computer, then we will search for the desired image, character or other, adding a word.

2 - Perforation, here we mean the integration of lead. Perforation has special rules and tools. I leave you the link to the corresponding article.

. How to Combine Balls and Beginner Mistakes

3 - Lack of success in the choice of drawing tools, especially since the beginner uses a single pen, and the original is to use pens in several degrees. This will give his drawings a more realistic dimension, or a third or second dimension, and we have devoted article 4 to this.

How can I draw the design I want:

     Instead of learning everything separately and learning how to draw everything on your own, it's easier to learn a drawing technique that allows you to draw anything you want accurately. Learning to draw with sizes is considered a difficult thing for any beginner, and sizes require that you be a professional, both in the handling of pen and paper, as well as in the vision or in the harmony of the hand with the commands of the mind, but this method will save you from that. above, provided that when you are able, you should do without it and move towards developing your skills. I leave you the link to the article on the technique below.

- Drawing with squares: Link to how to draw with squares, definition with images

This technique is considered one of the easiest ways to learn drawing, and with development it will allow you to draw strong and harmonious drawings.

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