The best white pencils for drawing, realistic drawing pencils, white wooden pencils

 The best white pencils for drawing, realistic drawing pencils, white wooden pencils

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     Searching for white pens is one of the most difficult official tools you can search, especially since not all companies pay attention to this color, and the majority of suggestions and tests on this color are often applied to black paper, which makes the color more visible and the background makes it stand out, while the need for white color for the absolute majority is to draw portraits with pencil or to draw with colors or pastels, and the difference between coloring white on colors and a black background is clearly obvious. we will discover the best white pencils and try them, especially for drawing with pencil.

    The advantage of white colors lies first in the fact of identifying areas of light and highlighting them more. Reach areas of light that may be difficult to extract from the paper surface alone. Add shine to the drawing. Draw small skin cracks. Make the drawing more realistic. Draws skin pores and many other details. It is also used to draw spaces between hair.

    White pencils are also useful for combining colors, that is, when you use two colors you add white to them to give them a distinctive blend and help them blend, which works as a suitable mediator , or you can use them to lighten a specific color. Simply add it before the color you want to use, which will tone down the dark color.

     They can also be used as base colors, especially on dark papers, and you can create complete designs with them from them. White pens also have different types, including:

White wooden pens:

     These are the white, wood-colored colors, and I will present to you the most important ones that you can choose, knowing that they are then arranged according to their ability to offer the best possible performance on pencils on white paper and their interaction with pastels and colorful colors.

. 1 Faber Castell Albrecht Durer; You can't ask a professional for advice on wooden pens and their first response won't be a review of Faber-Castell pens. These are the best stationery items you can buy. The situation is not much different with white wooden pens, because this pen is very wonderful in its interaction with lead. Its white color is not very bright, but it blends in a unique way. With pencils you can add it with colors, and the lead is wonderful and smooth, and it doesn't give a bright white sheen. is the most beautiful pencil. It can show you realism in light, not exaggeration. It also suits the nature of white on papers, and this is one of its greatest advantages.

. 2 durwent studio: If you are looking for a radiant, bright white pen that can highlight white above any color and looks wonderful in fabric, then this is the pen for you. This is one of the pens that highlights white light the most, and its color is more vibrant than any white color you've seen and can add shine with just a touch.

. 3. Faber Castell polychromos: If you like the Faber material and want something brighter, then this is the pen for you. With the wonderful Faber Castell material and bright white, this pen is able to blend and show white on any color. It is also distinctive when combined with the pen and gives strong and beautiful effects.

. 4 Lyra Rembrandrt Polycolor: This is one of the professional pens for drawing portraits, especially human wrinkles and pores. It has a pale white color and is suitable for adding detail above skin colors. It is not bright and its effects are realistic and moderate. It has a unique color close to gray, which allows it to pair well with black and lead.

5. Caran d'ache luminance: If you are looking for something that gives you a strong shine at a high level of illumination, then this is the pen for you, although few people will recommend it, as it is excellent for those who don't do it. want to draw realistic drawings. For all cartoon lovers, this pen will be ideal for showing details.

The choice remains a particular thing, and there is no single white pen that is the best. Rather, it depends on what you need, and depending on your need, you will find what suits you best. All pens mentioned can be purchased individually or as a trio. There are other types of white pens you can use, such as white ink pens or markers. If you're looking for reflective shine, you'll find what you're looking for in the bottom two

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