Mechanical pencils for drawing, their definition and uses, the best mechanical pencils and the most famous mechanical pencil brands

 Mechanical pencils for drawing, their definition and uses, the best mechanical pencils and the most famous mechanical pencil brands

a definition :

       Mechanical pencil is a pencil with a different character in terms of manufacturing method and usage, unlike ordinary pencils which are made of wood and are not reusable. The mechanical pencil is made of different types of metal or plastic for the external support and can be reloaded repeatedly with lead sticks.

Characteristics of the mechanical pencil and its uses:

      The mechanical pencil is available in sizes from 0.3 mm to 0.9 mm and in all lead grades, i.e. 9B to 9H, and all medium grades, Hb, F, H and B. Then choose the appropriate grade with the scale, i.e. when purchasing refills you should choose both sizes, graduated in 0.4mm. Hb What distinguishes the use of a mechanical pen is that no matter the difference between the outer casing and its manufacturing materials, whether it is plastic, aluminum or silver, great raw efficiency can be obtained. by purchasing lead refills from large companies such as Faber-Castell, Staedtler or other large companies. Each mechanical pen has different feeding methods, but most of them are powered by removing the back cover.

      Mechanical pencils are available in colored fills of all colors, and painters can use them both for uniform coloring, that is, drawing a design in a single color, and for more gradients. For example, red colored pencils and red mechanical pencils are used to get more colors. color details, or they can be used in details such as lip cracks and drawn with a red mechanical pencil, so that they become particularly suitable additives to wood colors.

      Mechanical pens are used whether for drawing, designing or writing. They can also be very useful as an alternative to dry erase pens, especially for those who carry them with them daily. Dry erase pens are sensitive to heat and humidity, leaving stains that are difficult to remove. It is also a suitable option for those who suffer from allergies to dry erase pens, as they do not require sharpening. Determine its length across the membrane or button at the top.

       The uses of mechanical pencil in drawing are to define lines, especially with its small scale feature, making it a wonderful tool for drawing hair or eyelashes, outlining skin contours, adding details such than wrinkles, draw preliminary drawings or sketches. , or as a memo pen for drawings, or for other uses such as drawing clothing patterns, or as a secondary tool for tools.

The most famous brands of mechanical pens:

     In general, there is no best mechanical pen. No matter how much you change the external support, the lead material and its strength remains what controls the draw's advantage. Here are the best mechanical pen manufacturers and their packaging.

-Faber Castell



- stable

- pelikan

- rotring


- tombow



     All the companies mentioned are among the best, especially when it comes to lead. You can find others that have unique mechanical pens, either in design or in method of implementation. We should especially mention the Penxo and Kaweco pens. There are those who like strange or beautiful pens. , and both companies offer it.

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