Teaching fashion design drawing for beginners, tools and methods of implementation, the art of cutting, its definition and its relationship to drawing

Teaching fashion design drawing for beginners, tools and methods of implementation, the art of cutting, its definition and its relationship to drawing

a definition  :

              Fashion design is one of the most famous designs in which the technique of sketching or preliminary drawing is used, which is based on the concept of an expressive formal design devoid of many details, with realistic dimensions or formal bases for the shape to be made. the shape has external lines that form the design and dimensions, and internal lines that fill in the details and data or features. In fashion drawing, the main emphasis when drawing a mannequin is to draw the external and important lines while avoiding drawing human details such as the face...

Basics of fashion design:

           A group of designers suffer from the difficulty of drawing a mannequin or mannequin, and the reason is due to the pedagogical errors that accompany them from the beginning of learning, such as trying to transfer easy designs to manicures without building them on foundations and rules, which makes them unprofessional, and it may affect their work, especially when displaying designs for promotion or promotion. When working in a team, it is difficult to get a good idea with imperfect drawings and many other problems... In addition, not having knowledge of drawing can be one of the obstacles, especially the basics like shade and light. In general, the more artistic knowledge you have, the more you can develop your design skills.

Learning methods are based above all on knowledge. If we want to draw the human body, we must memorize it, mentally or unconsciously, and make sure that every inch of the body has a defining image of it in the mind. We do this by dissecting the human body with pictures and studying the hidden details, or by following an artist's approach to drawing and taking some. His official thesis on the body is like Leonardo da Vinci, obsessed with the dimensions of the human body and that he is the best person who knew how to bring drawing closer to realism. Da Vinci left many manuscripts and studies that can be followed, the most famous of which is the drawing of the Vitruvian Man, which is Da Vinci's expression of the relationship between nature and object. human body by drawing two men, one in a circle and the other. In the square and the interrelation of the dimensions of the body with nature... The stage of learning to draw came after we were satisfied with the ideas that facilitate planning. more deeply, the Pinterest application or site offers images and methods to learn how to draw a model step by step without limitation of the courses, and everything is renewed daily. You have to download the application in French or English for what you want to learn, and it will give you countless options, and it is better to search for what you like and a close-up image of your idea.

Most beginners neglect the tools, but choosing them well can be decisive in your favor, especially in terms of material and coloring. Here is a group of tools, and we have dedicated a special article to each of them that covers them in detail:

Mechanical pens


Promarker Pens

Copic Pens

The best types of pencils

The art of decoupage , its definition and its relationship to drawing

       The art of decoupage or stories is one of the cosmetic and expressive methods initially used by the poor to decorate their belongings, especially ceramic vessels, household utensils, windows and anything made of wood. It is based on the use of old paper, whether written, magazines, newspapers or cartoons. And cut it to form decorations or packaging for aesthetic purposes.

      The art of carving has become famous among the Chinese. It was first reserved for the poor, until they could transform it into a magnificent decorative field, so all social classes adopted it until it became a mark that distinguished the Chinese. exported to Europe, where it had the greatest and widest distribution, it was therefore used in most other fields, notably in art, in particular drawing and coloring.

      What facilitated its diffusion was its simplicity and ease of implementation and handling. All that was difficult was the idea of implementation and the necessary paper parts to realize the desired and obtain a beautiful artistic painting or a renewed and full of life instrument. the surfaces made it branch off towards different uses and different materials such as glass and wood...

     In addition, the art of decoupage requires quite simple tools, the most important of which are magazines or waste paper, brushes, glued acrylic colors and a surface that you want to decorate. Your creativity can lead you towards what you aspire to. highlighted, and this is what makes it widely used, especially in the field of drawing, because the results between cutting papers and coloring are always... Something beautiful and picturesque.

     The art of decoupage has various differences depending on the tools or surfaces, but the most well-known among them remains cutting, wrapping and mixing drawing and paper, or mixing cutting and drawing. The Pop Art method is often used as an approach to drawing to accompany cutting, or several other approaches, but Pop Art remains the most used with mainly coloring or drawing.

Creativity in the art of decoupage consists of combining ideas and coordinating them to ultimately obtain a harmonious and expressive image. Art is about adding designs or stickers and transforming something worthless and unwanted into something that attracts attention and has an idea that moves the recipient. imagination and transforms it into expressive art and useful art, sometimes for aesthetics.

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