The impact of technology on fine art and the relationship of art to technology, the best art projects inspired by technology

 The impact of technology on fine art and the relationship of art to technology, the best art projects inspired by technology

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 It cannot be denied that technology is what most influences art in our daily lives. Artists are not only using technological innovations as a way to implement their creativity, but rather it is about benefiting from technology to integrate it with art, which has produced new types of art and a major change in art and the ways of implementing it, even of teaching it. The concept and perception of art has changed. Technology has also made it possible to reach more art lovers and showcase all types of art more through the platforms it grants them, whether social media, websites or others. . or to express their beliefs and disseminate them. messages without major restrictions. Technology helps bring artistic masterpieces closer together. For the public and art lovers, it also helps to understand the history of art.

Blending technology with art is something we've been working on since the sixties, and the first attempt, and then official documentation, is what a group of artists in New York tried to do, trying to s 'unite with engineers and programmers to present artistic performances. this included new technologies. Today, many artistic methods would be impossible without technology, for example drawing, digital photography, music and many others. Additionally, many digital designs would be almost impossible without art, such as producing animated images, 3D graphics, and internet art. general.

The best art projects inspired by technology:

Starry Night Exhibition by culturespaces: This is an exhibition inspired by the paintings of the great artist Van Gogh and uses lighting techniques, large paintings, laser projectors and sound speakers to give visitors the experience of entering into the paintings of the artist Van Gogh. and imagine what his artistic vision of what was around him looked like.

Al - generated art: art generated by artificial intelligence. Many experts predict this will be the next big art movement. It is a design that is created entirely with programming and computer science to be a 100% machine generated design. It is an art prone to errors and more complex than traditional digital drawings. It doesn't require human intervention to draw in a linear way, but it's still in experimentation and it's still fought against because some artists think it's not. pure art due to the absence of feelings, or rather of human touch.

Blockchain: In short, it is like a digital library to preserve property rights. It will also facilitate the trade of digital paintings in the future. What sets this system apart is its ability to accurately analyze artistic drawings. It will also provide buying and selling methods. using virtual currencies and enormous storage capacity. It also allows digital art to take advantage of the tif file format. jpeg gifts...or split the work

infinity mirror room art: It is a cubic shaped room covered with mirrors, water on the floor and dim light. Through a point chosen by the artist for spectators to stand in order to control their perception of light, the light begins to expose his drawings that he has chosen to execute and their reflection on the water that he can't control. In this document, drawings are affected by room factors. This art is a way of expressing that a person cannot control many things.

The biggest impact of technology on art remains digital types of drawing, and we devoted a previous article to this.

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