The most notable painters of the Renaissance, the most famous artists, the Renaissance and painting, the strongest period in the history of painting

 The most notable painters of the Renaissance, the most famous artists, the Renaissance and painting, the strongest period in the history of painting

          The Renaissance is a term given to the period spanning between the 13th century and the 14th century. This era was that of the European Renaissance, which in turn contributed to the renaissance of all magazines, including art in general and painting in particular. I believe that art was the fundamental pillar of the Renaissance, because Before the 13th century, drawing was more oriented towards metaphysical drawings or metallic designs and narratives, but at the beginning of the last century, artists got rid of all that and turned to drawing from real life. , embodiment and photography instead of imagination, which allowed them to express their feelings, feelings and opinions, and it was the most powerful tool. Art has expression. He was the link between the public and the bourgeoisie and transmitted political and cultural messages through painting, even if the bourgeoisie initially fought this type of art, until the great artists, particularly Italians, became attached to their beliefs. was expected, and artistic liberation spread to most European countries with full support. Italian painters are different from painters from all other countries.

         The role of drawing then multiplied to become a real player in the Renaissance, as artists developed programs and schools and transformed it into a useful art by integrating it with science and study. Credit goes to Renaissance painters for many developments in other areas, such as construction, fashion and planning of all kinds, even on language, methods of drawing letters, dimensions, coloring and its methods, and many developments... which were the result of painters' studies or the study of their designs and methods.

        Renaissance painters were interested in development, so we notice that most of them combined art and science. Most of them had higher education in science and they exploited this in their drawings. Thus, to this day, their paintings are considered among the most expensive paintings of all time. In fact, only preliminary drawings and their memories are more expensive than paintings. Current From this we can infer their strong influence, rooted in history, and their influence on our lives until today.

The most famous Renaissance artists:

- Leonardo DeVinci                                  



-Giovanni Bellini

-Giorgio Vasari

-Benvenuto Cellini


They were among the most eminent painters of their time and they had the upper hand in determining the programs, especially the strongest ones, such as the Classical School, the Romantic School and others, which in turn set the parameters from other schools. They were the first cornerstone, the essence and the cornerstone of everything that the artistic world has become in our time.

The multiplicity of schools has other advantages, such as education, especially for children. They sometimes choose the approved method randomly or by chance, and with an experienced or good teacher, the approved technical path, and often the child's personality, can be determined for him. chooses the school attended as a means of raising awareness.

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