The truth about the Mona Lisa, her hidden secrets and the history of her painting. Who is the Mona Lisa?

 The truth about the Mona Lisa, her hidden secrets and the history of her painting. Who is the Mona Lisa?

a definition :

              The Mona Lisa is one of the most famous and famous paintings in the world. The painting is priceless. The painting has always been a puzzling mystery since its appearance, creating many stories about it and why was it painted? Who is the character that appears in the painting?

The Mona Lisa is a painting representing a young woman of strange beauty, with an angelic face arranged with piercing eyes, without eyebrows or eyelashes, and a slight smile. The painting is on display at the famous Louvre museum in Paris behind bulletproof glass after only being hung. , which prompted some visitors to try to touch or destroy it, which is why it was protected. Behind the glass, the most famous painting attracts millions of people from all over the world every year just to try to see it.

The secret of drawing the Mona Lisa:

The Mona Lisa is one of the works of one of the greatest painters of all time, Leonardo da Vinci, thinker and scientist... His artistic work, the Mona Lisa, dazzled critics, painters and the public with the precision of the drawing and its smallest details, such as the scarf on the head, drawn with a unique technique that makes it difficult to notice, and the strength of the realism of the drawing. How the character appears closer to reality with his smiling and sad features. and the lines show the strength and ability of the painter.

The Mona Lisa is a drawing with a brilliant shading technique, to say the least, because it gives the impression that her eyes are following the viewer. This is the result of the precision that Leonardo da Vinci used to coordinate the viewing angle. view, the angle of position, the reflection, and the location of the eye... in addition to the mouth and its shadows, which made it a contrast between joy and sadness. Be aware of the recipient and their feelings. If you are in a good mood, you will find her smiling, and if you are in a sad mood, you will find her expressing her sadness spontaneously.

Despite all this, what is most important to know is that recently, after studying and examining the painting, scientists concluded that Da Vinci made only one correction to the painting, with the first brush stroke at the end, and that the correction was aimed at improving the position of the finger of the left hand. What is strangest and most astonishing is that the painting was painted in a single sitting. It's a miraculous thing.

Da Vinci was an elite painter, and to be commissioned to paint a portrait of a character requires conditions and a large sum of money, in addition to the desire of the artist, because Da Vinci was famous for not paint a character only if it attracts his attention. So who is the Mona Lisa?

Before answering the question, it is necessary to know that even the richest personalities cannot obtain a drawing of Leonardo da Vinci, but must occupy a high position in society, that is, among the nobles, families leaders, or a notable personality...

As there is no date for the painting, no preliminary drawings, nor any reference in Leonardo da Vinci's biography, historians have traced the references to determine the identity of the character and have arrived at two hypotheses, which are the most realistic. The first dates back to the biographer Giorgio. Vasari, who stated that the painting is of the wife of the Florentine silk merchant, Francesco Double Giocondo, and that it depicts Lisa Giocondo, which is a weakest hypothesis, because it contradicts a set of concepts and that There is nothing to prove it. , especially since the silk merchant was not part of the elite, besides that the drawing was not given to its owner, especially since it was a single drawing session, besides that the painting is that of a silk merchant. woman, then what would make Da Vinci paint her in a black dress, as he does not. There was no financial revenue during this period for Da Vinci to paint a picture, especially since it is a large sum...

The strongest hypothesis is that the painting was painted at the request of one of the members of an important family of the time, Giuliano de' Medici. It is an imaginary portrait of his lover, Pacifica Brandani, who died giving birth to Medici's child. illegitimate son. It was mentioned in the story that he recognized his son after he grew up, and in an attempt to console him, he asked Da Vinci to paint for him. Either or how he does not imagine the successive mother so that a young man has an image of his mother, which suggested to Da Vinci that he was an illegitimate son recognized by his father. If I apply the story to the painting, this sad smile cannot be given to a mother consoling her son, but Da Vinci was reluctant to give the painting due to the young man's death some time after the request.

This gave the painting a special place for the artist, and he carried it with him throughout his life until his death.

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